Death of John Lennon

8 de Dezembro de 1980. Depois de um dia inteiro em gravações para o seu novo álbum, em Nova Iorque, o mediático cantor e ex-membro dos Beatles, John Lennon, regressava a casa acompanhado da sua mulher, a japonesa Yoko Ono, quando foi atingido a tiro pelas costas.

The singer would end up dying at the Roosevelt Hospital, after losing large amounts of blood. The author of the murder, Mark Chapman, 25 years old, was a religious fanatic who considered some of John Lennon’s statements and lyrics blasphemy.


Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

One of the statements dated from 1966, when, in an interview, Lennon said: “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. We're more popular than Jesus now.”

His death and its Media coverage proved and intensified his popularity, making him a hero.

“The death of a hero” and “When music died” are titles which reflect the tone of the news surrounding John Lennon’s death, making him a symbol.

It wasn’t “only” a man who had died; it was a legend.