Ripa na rapaqueca. The expression of journalist Jorge Perestrelo would draw the atention to the frenetic rhythm and emotion of Football commentary and coverage. For art to put into words the whims of spherical in the field


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Herbert Zimmermann is the voice behind one of the most famous pieces of commentary in German History.  The journalist couldn’t hold in his excitement after Germany defeated Hungary and won the World Cup, in a match known as “The Miracle of Bern." 

The quote from Kenneth Wolstenholme's BBC TV commentary is one of the most popular sports soundbites in the world. In the final few seconds of the 1966 final, fans started invading the pitch, which didn’t stop the Three Lions from scoring one more goal, beating West Germany 4–2 and winning the World Cup.


Just a couple of months into his career with Barcelona, Cruyff scored what has come to be known in the media as the "impossible goal.”  The player leapt into the air, twisted his body and kicked the ball, scoring a memorable goal against Atlético de Madrid.

Norway's 2-1 victory against England in a World Cup UEFA qualifier immortalized Bjørge Lillelien in the history of sports journalism. His outburst became so popular that it was chosen to represent Norway in UNESCO’s Memory of the World.

Diego Maradona's quarter-final goal against England is one of the most controversial ever scored in a World Cup. Roberto Hernandez Jr.’s commentary reflects the indecision of the referees, who failed to spot the Argentinean player had used his hand to score.


With the game goalless throughout, the 1994 World World Cup Final was decided by penalties. Brazil won, after Italian player Roberto Baggio missed the decisive penalty. Commentator Bruno Pizzul’s voice conveyed the sadness of the Italian fans, after the defeat.


Commentator Jack van Gelder conveyed the emotion of the Dutch fans after striker Dennis Bergkamp scored against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup quarterfinals. The Oranje won the match 2-1.


Robbie Keane’s last minute goal drove the Irish fans wild. Republic of Ireland’s surprising tie against Germany in World Cup 2002 led to commentator John Motson’s famous outburst, allowing the images to speak for themselves.

Fabio Caressa’s commentary made history in Italian sports journalism. The Sky Italia commentator allowed emotions to get the better of him when Fabio Grosso scored the decisive goal in the final seconds of the match against Germany.