Experience with education value

The aim of the NewsMuseum is to promote knowledge about the Media, Communication and Journalism

This promotion is made through a modern and participative atmosphere, where information about recent episodes of the history of our world and its media coverage is shared in an experiential and fun way, with unprecedented technology.

The NewsMuseum experience has educational value for young people in the second and third cycle of primary education and secondary education, as well as benefitting university students.

For them, the duration of a visit will range from between 2 and 3 hours depending on the time available. Museum visits are monitored and guided by professionals with a background in either communications or History.

The visit also includes a mini seminar (15-20 minutes) on a previously selected topic such as War Reporting, Sports Journalism, Photojournalism, History of Media, Social Media, Ethics and Journalistic Deontology and the Theory and Techniques of Public Relations.

Visitors can download the NewsMuseum app, which offers a "Behind the Scenes" and complements the information available in the various thematic areas.

The museum will offer a bilingual experience, with all the content available in Portuguese and English.

Contact us by email: info@newsmuseum.pt or telephone: +351 210 126 600 for more information or to schedule study visits.