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Ministro da Educação na inauguração da exibição 8 Best of: Momentos do Desporto
The Minister of Education was present on new exhibition inauguration

On November 19th, it was inaugurated a new exhibition dedicated to the 8 Best Moments of Portuguese sports. This public display flourished thanks to an online survey conducted by the sports newspaper Record. The Minister of Education Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, the Olympic gold medallist Carlos Lopes and the daughter of Eusébio Ferreira, Sandra Ferreira, graced the museum with their presence.

NewsMuseum hosted several students from all over the country

Last week, NewsMuseum received the visit of several schools from all over the country. The students travelled on board of the media system, from the Village of Sintra, in the greatest Media Age Experience in Europe

NewsMuseum was present in Futurália

On this last day of the 11th edition of Futurália, visit us and travel to 2046, aboard an unique Virtual Reality experience, hosted by NewsMuseum. We are at the stand of Sintra’s Town Hall, until 8:00 p.m., at the International Fair of Lisbon

Visita do Instituto Vaz Serra, ESFP e ISCTE

In the last days, NewsMuseum received dozens of students from Vaz Serra Instituit, Instituto Vaz Serra, Escola Secundária Fernão Mendes Pinto and ISCTE. Come visit us too and know more about our educational project, which highlights a unique experience in the world of communication and in the Portuguese History.

Visit of the Agence Marocaine de Presse - MAP

Directly from Morocco to Sintra, MAP, the Agence Marocaine de Presse [“The Moroccan News Agency”], visited Europe's greatest Media Age Experience and went further into some of Portugal's most important media stories

Visit of INTEP e EPFF

NewsMuseum was visited by the students from INTEP and EPFF who embarked on, an immersive, journey through the media system and remembered some of the most remarkable moments in Portuguese history