All projects are structured from the creative process to the design, development and implementation. All solutions focus on creating value through innovative and unique technological solutions.

Reopening of Pavilhão Carlos Lopes

Place:Pavilhão Carlos Lopes – Reopening
Description: Multimedia installation, with 3D effect, on the 20 years of Tourism of Lisbon and the 85 years of the Pavilion Carlos Lopes.


Introsys | Industry 4.0 – Digital Economy

Place: Industry 4.0, Politécnico de Leiria
Description: Creative concept of Introsys interactive stand, through experience with motion detection.


Place: NOS Alive
Description: Design of interactive game, with motion detection.

Museum of Portuguese Language

Place: Silos EPAC, Bragança
Descritption: Conceptual and creative design and 3D modeling of the Museum of the Portuguese Language, with about 10 thematic nuclei; 1st place in the International Public Tender.
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Boehringer - Lilly

Place: PT Meeting Center
Description: Conceptual and creative design of the Diabetes Summit, through interactive sessions with touch tables.

Casa da Torre – Territory Museum

Place: Casa da Torre, Caria
Description: Conceptual and creative design and remodeling of Casa da Torre, Center for Archaeological Studies