Covid-19 pandemic under the eye of the media.

Between 2020 and 2021, we witnessed a worldwide health crisis of enormous proportions that changed our lives and made the world, literally, stop. The Covid-19 pandemic is, until now, the biggest media event in the history of the 21st century, uniting the 5 continents in a common struggle, almost always, with one voice.

The word coronavirus will stay in the annals of history, and NewsMuseum is at the forefront to remind you.

The world as we know it has changed and this change has been recorded, day by day, by the media. Pandemedia is a summary of that twin pandemic that is revealed at the same time as a health emergency: the dizzying contagion of the Media for a single theme, a single news, with all the news inside. From a first moment of punctual notes and without alarm, the cacophonic chaos of omnipresence of a set of faces, sceneries and words, infecting all languages ​​and means of world. From Portugal to the United States, from China to Brazil, from the Middle East to Italy, from the United Kingdom to Africa.

Here we can follow images, videos, headlines and even tweets that illustrate the different moments and the different rhythms of this global crisis, through the mouth of those who have the power to inform - and misinform. Make it cool and set it on fire. The numbers of cases, hospitalized and killed multiply, at the same time as the number of views, reactions, retweets and shares. From day 1 to hope.