8 Best Of: Moments of Sport

Eder’s goal in UEFA’s Euro 2016, Rosa Mota and Carlos Lopes as Olympic gold medallists in 1988 and 1984, or even Rui Costa’s achievement as cycling world champion in 2013, are some of the most relevant accomplishments of Portuguese athletes and teams that were chosen to be part of this Best Of, displayed on video and told by the very journalists that made the media coverage.


Eder’s goal / UEFA´s Euro (2016)

Rosa Mota Olympic gold medalist (1988)

Carlos Lopes Olympic gold medalist (1984)

Portugal two times champion U20 Football (1991)

Benfica winner of UEFA’s European Cup (1961)

Nelson Évora triple jump Olympic gold medalist (2008)

Eusébio scores 4 goals against North Korea leading Portugal to the semi-finals of the 1966 World Cup (1966)

Rui Costa, Cycling World champion (2013)