Daniel Proença de Carvalho

Daniel Proença de Carvalho, lawyer, former minister of Social Communication and musician, is, since March 25, 2014, the new face of the media group Controlinveste. In 1975 he was the director of Jornal Novo

Musician, guitarist, public prosecutor, criminal police inspector, director of Jornal Novo, Minister of social communication, president of RTP and manager. A man of a thousand careers. All successful. Additionally, he gives its name to one of the largest law firms in the country.

Daniel Proença de Carvalho was born in Soalheira, studied in Coimbra and now lives in Lisbon. Through the demanding law degree, he managed to integrate the Academic Choral Society, to found a jazz club and to form the Trio Los Dos with José Niza and José Cid.

It’s in the law field that he started his career. As a public prosecutor, a criminal police inspector and finally as a lawyer, working with António Champalimaud.  First the 25th of April and then the coup of the 25th of November changed his plans. He was appointed director of Jornal Novo and began his long relationship with the media. Two years later, Carlos Mota Pinto called him to the IV Constitutional Government, in which he is given the complex and controversial Media folder. This is followed by his appointment to the delicate presidency of RTP. It is during this period that the Portuguese began to see colour TV.

In the 80’s Proença de Carvalho consolidates its role as a renowned lawyer, always embracing some of the most complex and high profile cases. Increasingly distinguished in this field. His cases become causes. A tradition that still holds. His career in the media seemed to be left behind.

In 1990, he surprised almost everyone when he arises to lead the consortium Rede Independente in its application for a private television license. The tender had three competitors for two licenses. SIC, of Francisco Pinto Balsemão, would be the first private television channel and TVI of the Catholic Church, the second. Proença de Carvalho’s project, that was considered to be the best of all by the former program director of SIC, Emídio Rangel, turns out to be excluded.

After over a long period almost exclusively devoted to the law, some were once again surprised by the nomination of Daniel Proença de Carvalho to Chairman of the Administration of Global Media, a group that includes the historical DN, JN and the first Portuguese news radio TSF. Some may have been surprised. Others know that he just came home.